In the previous post:  I told you that Trish and I were moving out of my house in Santa Barbara and going on the road in our 5th wheel, so it might be a while until my next post.

Now, Santa Barbara is in the rear view mirror. Trish and I have put everything in storage, and we’re on the road. Considering the current state of the economy, we are up-to-date. Homeless! Unemployed! Foot loose and relatively fancy free (unless the banks tank and the dollar becomes toilet paper).

So, why haven’t I been posting? Since we left Santa Barbara, we have lived on the beach in Carpinteria (a small town south of S. B.), camped in a state part in San Clemente (beautiful and uncrowded) and spent a month on Mission Bay in San Diego walking along the bay, watching the winter arrival of various species of waterfowl, and rowing around the bay in our little red dory. At one point, after a day on the water, I thought “I’d better get back to work (blogging, trying to line up talks)!” The next thought was almost instantaneous: “What for? That would get in the way of doing what I’m doing—having fun! That was probably about a month ago.

Lately, however, I’ve been getting the itch again. Since we’ve moved to a private RV park in Gold Canyon, AZ. we haven’t had to move every few days, which was required while we were living in state parks and other gov. run campgrounds. So, I have more time, which means (I hope) I can write and have fun, too.

Since my last post, the liberal messiah BHO has been elected and is building his administration. That in itself provides an  unlimited amount of material vis a vis creating a conservative alternative to liberal environmentalism. And plenty of other things have been happening, too, some with regard to some of the issues I have been writing about, and some totally new. For instance, during my hiatus I have given a number of talks in small towns in Northern California (Placerville, Red Bluff, Sutter’s Creek, Woodland, and Nevada City). That always provides good material. And I have got a private park in Santa Barbara interested in using animals to restore health and function to some of the lands in their park. That’s a good topic, too. And, of course, George Yard is still struggling to save the spikedace only now he’ll have to deal with an even bigger army of liberal world savers drunk with the drug of victory.

In other words, posts are coming. I just wanted to let you know.

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  • really enjoyed reading your blog, makes too much sense to me. looking forward to your next article.
    thank you

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