Climate Change – Pope Francis Needs To Re-Discover America (So Does Barry The Bummer)

During Pope Francis’ recent visit to the U. S., he made a big deal about climate change. He wasn’t the first pope to do so.

Way back in 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued a papal bull (the Summis Desiderante), that dealt with “Climate Change.” Innocent’s “bull” proclaimed that witches were, among other things, responsible for the “Little Ice Age” that caused crop failures and food shortages in Europe from the 15th to the 19th century. Historians tell us Innocent’s “Witch Bull” gave indirect sanction to the holocaust of witchhunts that engulfed much of “the old world” for 4 centuries.

That’s right, the infamous “witch trials,” that wracked Europe from the 1400’s to 1800’s and even extended into the New World in Salem, in what is now Massachusetts, were, to a significant degree, about climate change. “Global cooling” was one of the main “crimes” for which a number of humans from 60,000 to estimates as high as millions (mostly women but a significant number of men, also) were hanged, burned at the stake, and tortured by a variety of other means.

There were plenty of similarities between those ancient witch-hunts and the 21st century version. One of the most instructive is the fact that “Climate Change Crusaders,” both then and now, seem more offended by people who deny the existence of their claimed crisis than by those they accuse of actually causing it. (oil frackers and coal miners, these days.) The reason is obvious. If your campaign strategy is “Never waste a serious crisis,” as it is for modern liberals (thanks, Rahm Emanuel), and was for 15th century witchhunters, the last thing you want is for someone to debunk your ticket to power. During the 15th and 16 th century, confessing guilt and admitting that witchcraft was responsible for altering the weather could get you a reprieve and forgiveness.  Denying it could get you burned at the stake.

No wonder Republicans are so reluctant to mount an open opposition to this campaign.

How well are conservatives countering this rerun of those 15th century “witch hunts?” So far, not so well.  One reason might be that it isn’t the usual business of free market enterprise to counter crises trumped up to provide a means to political power. For another, the inconclusive nature of evidence that the Earth is actually warming works to the advantage of Climate Change Crusaders more than deniers.

How’s that?

If the Earth was truly getting warmer, oceans would be rising, cities would be flooding, crops would be failing, and, the realization that the best way to deal with any real problem is with individual initiative, private enterprise, and the free market would be popping into too many minds to deny.

Actually, that is exactly what happened during that earlier “climate change” fiasco, the Little Ice Age. Not surprisingly, back then there were people (as there are now) who know that the functional way to deal with a crisis is to solve it rather than use it to scam their way into power. These enterprising individuals could plainly see that burning witches wasn’t providing much of a remedy to those long cold winters with their crop failures and food shortages, so they started building ships and kicked off the maritime expansion of Europe. That created a boom in seaborne trading and colonial economies the benefits of which we enjoy even today — even while some of us are still trying to use witch hunts to campaign our way into power.

REDISCOVERING AMERICA: I didn’t realize this until the day after Columbus Day: Notice the date of Columbus’ “discovery” of America – 1492 – four years after Pope Innocent VIII’s “Witch Bull.” Columbus’ journey was part of the boom in seaborne trading that developed as a functional alternative to the witch hunts of the Little Ice Age. In other words the existence of America as we now know it, and the prosperity, private enterprise and free market it embodies, is evidence of what can happen if you skip the witch hunts and deal with the problem on a realistic, problem-solving, conservative basis.

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