On Rush Limbaugh’s program on 11/4/2015 he took issue, as he does almost every day, with the fact that “Republicans, RINOs, moderates, establishment types” refuse to campaign on social issues because they believe those issues offend and drive away moderates and are therefore a sure way to lose elections. Rush pointed out that the results of the off-year elections that were held yesterday across the country, and termed by the Washington Post: “Huge Victories for Conservatives… Coast to Coast ” serve as convincing evidence the above assumption is fatally mistaken.

To make his point Limbaugh revisited something he said on this program 27 years ago: “My contention is that the social issues are a giant winning opportunity… for somebody who knows how to do it.”

Well, the people who know how to do it are finally showing up in Kentucky and elsewhere.

To echo Rush’s insight and confidence and add to the turning tide on a different but related issue, I’d like to republish a couple of quotes from


One downside to this conservative concession to liberals in environmental politics is that it amounts to an abandonment of the many conservatives who are concerned about the environment and would love to have a way to address those concerns without having to join an environmental (i. e., liberal) group…

Taking this missed opportunity to the height of irony is the fact that liberal environmentalism has suffered so many spectacular failures that it is vulnerable to the argument that has served conservatives so well on so many other issues, i. e., —

Liberalism doesn’t work to solve environmental problems in the same way it doesn’t work to solve problems of poverty, the economy, health care, race relations, you name it.

Add to this the fact that there are plenty of conservatives who have a better track record in solving environmental problems and achieving environmental goals than their much more well-publicized liberal competitors, and it makes perfectly good sense to say conservatives are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by not engaging liberals in a serious debate and competition for the environmental constituency.


From The Right Way To Be Green – published by Writers On The Range 2006

The main reason for my change of mind and heart (from an eco-radical to a conservative environmentalist) is the fact that I’ve become convinced the private-sector really is more effective than government at producing just about anything, healthy ecosystems included… More important, however, was the fact that, in thirty years of activism, the most impressive environmental successes I have encountered were achieved by private individuals operating according to principles that make up the conservative playbook. In each of those cases individual initiative, personal accountability, the free market, and rewards for results were more effective at saving endangered species, healing damaged ecosystems, even combating global warming than the government alternative—regulation and protection.

To complete the Limbaugh Echo: “My contention is that environmental issues are a giant winning opportunity for conservatives… for somebody who knows how to do it.”

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