July 14, 2024
A friend in Santa Barbara, CA, sent me the following info from the :

Firefighting goats & The Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council

Surrounded by rugged steep mountains penetrated by hot dry Santa Ana winds, the Ojai Valley is particularly susceptible to wildfire, being in the top one percent of regions in the U.S. and the top three percent in California. The region’s limited evacuation routes, vulnerable grid dependency, and communication “dead-zones” compound the situation. Particular care and creative problem-solving are needed to preserve the area’s natural ecosystems and protect all life in the valley.

Enter The Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council (OVFSC), an organization that runs extensive vegetation management projects to deal with the pressing issue of wildfires…

Click the “Optimist daily” link for the rest of the story which adds weight to recent posts on the RightWayToBeGreen.com supporting the method described here as a means to deal with the mounting surge of wildfires afflicting the American West.

(Click them, too!)

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