May 18, 2024

You can now Rediscover Your Importance To Nature via Zoom! How good is that? Here are comments from a review of the first such presentation, which was made to a social group in Sacramento, the capital city of California:

“Terrific program. Was very clear to all that you did a lot of preparation and they (the viewers) are grateful…

Educational and entertaining, could not have asked for more…

Glad to know there are solutions to climate change.”

If you would like to Rediscover Your Importance To Nature via an experience worthy of these comments, let me know via this website. Then, when you set up the Zoom, I will supply the program. With your request, include any issues on that are of special interest to you and I will include them in the Zoom. If, after experiencing the program, you would care to make a donation in support, it would be accepted and appreciated. 

(Please note that I have made in person presentations from coast to coast in the U.S. regarding these issues)

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